Slot machine tricks: These tricks ensure better luck

Slot machine tricks

Would you like to experience more luck with slot machines? The bad news first. No slot machine in the world can be manipulated if it comes from a regular casino. The machines are protected, monitored and quotas must be observed. Providers who do not comply lose their license and no one wants to risk that. Some players are looking for cheats to affect the machines. Such cheats are available in games like The Sims or similar. But not in the gambling industry. It would be nice if you could top up the account with the code “Motherlode”. Unfortunately it’s not that easy. Nevertheless, I want to give you some cool slot machine tricks for all casinos on my blog to increase the chances. Have fun.

Pay attention to the in-game RTP 

Pay attention to the in-game RTP 

The payout percentage is an important factor when it comes to casino games

The RTP is an important factor. Actually this is called Return to Player. This means the payout ratio. The slot average is between 93% and 96%. In other words, you get 96% of your money back. The only question is when. Unfortunately nobody knows. The machines have to stick to a certain random number generator, which is programmed in such a way that the odds are met, but nobody really knows when it will spit out the money. Sometimes it can take 1000 rounds to reach the 96%. That’s why you shouldn’t take the number so precisely. Don’t expect to hit the quota after 5 minutes. That’s why I recommend you to play with small stakes and longer. The chances are a lot higher as a result.

Play in progressive jackpots – there are sometimes millions of euros waiting in the machine – grab them

Some casinos have progressive jackpot slots. You should take a closer look at these. Some of these have millions of euros in them. This is mostly the case with Mega Moolah. Mega Fortune and similar also present a lot of money in the pot. Nobody knows when the jackpot will be hit. The higher the content, the more exciting the game becomes. The key to these slots is that you can play with just a few cents. With 25 cents you could become a millionaire. Play with few cents in the longer term instead of betting everything on one card. How is it that so much money is collected in the pot? This is because the games are offered in multiple casinos and the money is pooled globally. Lots of casinos means lots of players and lots of money. If you really want to win a lot, you should definitely play in such machines.

Get to know the slot machines in demo mode before you play in real money mode in the casino

demo mode

Before you switch to real money, you should definitely play in demo mode. This is for a reason. A slot machine is not complicated. But there are still various setting options. Sometimes, for example, there is the risk game after a win. If you don’t know about it, you activate it and maybe lose your money unintentionally. Of course, this wouldn’t make any sense. For this reason, I advise you to play through everything calmly. Look at the different winning combinations and only switch to real money once you are sure.

Pay attention to the possible winnings in the paytable – there are often big differences to be seen here

Many do not recognize this point at first. Especially not those who don’t deal with it. Sometimes you only get half of the bet back for two matching symbols. At first you think you’re winning, but you’ve lost half of it. For a bet of 20 cents, you sometimes only win 10 cents with two symbols. There are 20 cents for three symbols and only 40 cents for four or more symbols. Make sure you’re playing in a game where you win with just two or three symbols and don’t lose money. As you can see, there are many hints that a beginner does not pay attention to or does not consider possible. Have fun trying.

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