Combination bets: bet without an odds calculator

Combination bets

Seeing the above examples presented as a Stakes Betting Calculator has hopefully provided a good overview. We would like to continue seamlessly in our odds calculator. Previously, we placed 100 euros in a system bet of 5 out of 6. If all the tips were correct, we will be paid out 1048.58 euros. If we set a combination directly and do without the system, it is 1677.72 euros. We don’t get anything for that if a tip is wrong. Which of course raises the question of when combinations according to the odds calculator make sense and when they should be avoided.

Why are big combinations only good for gambling?

Let’s take a prime example. We have odds of 2.05 per bet and play ten such bets in a combination. If we bet 10 euros, we would get a payout of 13,108 euros – if all sports bets are correct. However, the odds above 2.00 means that the bookies see a chance of under 50 percent – just for a bet. With ten tips, the success of such a combination is quite unlikely. It is a gamble. Of course, that’s fun too.

However, if you want to remain permanently in the profit zone, you place your bet differently. For these ten tips, if they are cleverly analyzed, we could each place a euro in the single bet calculator. If five out of ten bets are successful, we have already made a profit. Even if only four sports bets are correct, the loss is manageable and can be compensated for with the next batch of tips.

Sports betting odds calculator: use threesome and foursome combos!

betting odds calculator

However, we do not want to demonize all combinations. However, we advise against the oddset combination calculator. Although it is possible to have the profit calculated for the Oddset combination bet, there are bookmakers who offer much higher odds and are therefore more suitable for combination tips. For favorite bets, we recommend Betway or Tipico. For outsiders, Interwetten and Unibet are good choices. Since we recommend combinations of three or four games at this point, we aim for low odds.

Suppose we bet on Bayern Munich, Juventus Turin and FC Barcelona to win and receive an average odds of 1.30 for each. This would give us a total odds of just under 2.20. Only every second combo of this type would have to be successful in order to stay in the profit zone. If you guess wrong, the bet could be doubled. This increases the profit if the bet is correct. Of course, a negative run makes itself felt accordingly.

With combinations of two to success


With second combos we exchange the risk of having to get three or more sports bets right for a slightly higher odds. In fact, we don’t like the idea of ​​betting on a combination with total odds below 2.00. If we exceed this quota, only every second tip has to go through. And an experienced bettor knows that sports betting will not always be correct, even with odds calculators. So we increase our average odds to 1.50.

If we combine two bets with this odds, we get a total odds of 2.25. Again, it is sufficient in principle if every second sports bet is correct. Let’s assume that the first bet with a stake of 10 euros is wrong. We raise it to 20 euros – wrong again. We increase it to 40 euros and the bet sits. We invested a total of 70 euros. However, we get paid out 40 * 2.25 – that is 90 euros, which still leaves a profit of 20 euros. However, it is important to set a maximum bet.

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