Odds Calculator for Surebets: The safest bet in the world

Odds Calculator for Surebets

To be successful with surebets, you need more than an odds calculator! So it is imperative to get various betting providers. The profit margin will also be very low. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a profit, regardless of the outcome of the games. The odds calculator for sports betting can show us whether the effort and return is really worth it. However, there are different reports of experience in this regard. There is a good deal of entitlement to be heard here. Some see a small, secure profit positively. Others don’t want to go to such great lengths for a 2% gain.

Find surebets: This is how 100% safe bets can be tracked down

While we have been dealing with the odds calculator for betting so far, there is of course also a surebet calculator. This works as follows. First, a number of bets must be set. A simple example of two bets for Over 2.5 and Under 2.5 goals in the same game. If both tips grant odds of 2.10 and we bet 100 euros each, we will definitely be paid 210 euros and have made a profit of 10 euros. That would still be a 5% profit margin.

However, more complicated surebets are also possible. With the over 1.5 goals and the results 0:0, 1:0 and 0:1, an absolutely safe bet can also be created. This would be the case if the quotes looked like this: 1.40, 9.00, 11.00 and 14.00. In this case, with a total stake of 100 euros, we would get 101.22 euros each and make a profit of 1.22 percent. Of course, the stakes are unevenly distributed.

Why no sports bet is absolutely safe

sports bet

In this case, too, a quota calculator should be used. Soccer betting odds: An exact analysis must be carried out here in order to be sure of making a surebet. Because anyone who miscalculates easily has to live with a certain loss. However, this is not the only reason why a surebet is not considered 100% secure. There are at least a few factors that bring a little uncertainty to the concept.

If a rate is noticeably too high, for example 11.00 for the over 1.5 goals, it is definitely a mistake on the part of the bookmaker. Probably the comma is crazy. Of course, this makes it easy to build a surebet. However, it can be assumed that the betting provider subsequently canceled the odds. The tipster remains seated on the other bets. Therefore, such obvious mistakes should not even be alluded to. Which brings us to the topic. Cancellations can throw a spanner in the works for us.

Effort and return: Are surebets worth it?

Effort and return

This question should be asked away from the quota calculator. The views could not be more different. Let’s say it takes us 90 minutes to find a bet that only increases our stake by 1%. Is the tip worth it? Many say: No! Because if you expect to use 10 euros and make 10.10 euros out of it, you won’t be happy. Even those who play with a betting bonus will usually look for more profitable sports bets. Nevertheless, it can be worthwhile.

Suppose we can increase our total betting capital by 1 percent every day. We start with 1,000 euros. If we always set this amount for 30 days in a row, we would end up with 1,300 euros at the end of the month. With compound interest, so if we also bet the profit, it would even be 1,347.85 euros. For many players, 347.85 euros a month may still be just nice pocket money. And if our capital grows to 10,000 euros at some point in this way? Then we could also add a zero to our monthly profit: 3,478.50 euros.

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